"That's why AI makes a
good Engineer an even better one!"
Volkswagen AG

AI and neural Networks (‘nN’) are about to disrupt today’s design & engineering processes, leveraging and/or replacing simulation in many areas, and triggering a new era in the multiple fields of product development...

...featuring the tailored functionalities of eOSSP's Finite Element Kernel evolution-fea ('e-fea') and focussing on real world examples from different industrial areas, our Online Courses provide the knowledge on how to rapidly train & deploy nN for instant design variations with ‘live’ and most accurate AI predictions of any mechanical properties – from stiffness over durability, acoustics & fluid dynamics, up to crash behavior et al.


Online Courses
'AI & neural Networks for Product Development'

e-fea Toolbox for rapid nN Trainings, instant Parameter Variations & 'live' nN Predictions

- Basics of AI & neural Networks

- Basics of e-fea Kernel & nN Toolbox
- generating/processing nN Training Data
- specifying nN Topology
- executing nN Training
- evaluating Training Quality
- validating nN Predictions
- creating e-fea/nN Templates

Designers & Engineers

most flexible & tailored to your needs