"Sharing Ideas, Code & Innovation..."

Given economic, ecological & technological challenges force companies to take convenient measures to reduce costs, increase productivity, and ensure the best quality of their products...

...with this respect the evolution Open Source Simulation Project (‘eOSSP’) has been designed to initiate a radical change towards simulation based product development, and to be a key driver for developing better products faster and at reduced costs, across all industries.

The eOSSP builds upon the Finite-Element Software evolution-fea (‘e-fea’) – which was born out of the AK32 Task Force 'Engine Simulation' of the German car makers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche & VW – and upon an Open Source Business Model.

about Simulation

Simulation is similar to prototype testing, but is done with computer software in far less time and with far less cost, and it is done well before the product is manufactured. By using simulation techniques in their specific product development processes, companies can design and build products that have higher performance, are lighter, are easier to manufacture, are easier to service and support, have lower warranty costs, get to market sooner, are easier to sell and, finally, increase profits.

Key benefits of using simulation in product development are illustrated by a study that has been published by the Japanese car maker Toyota recently.

For the Toyota ‘Avensis’ passenger car model this study documents, that the overall development time could be reduced by 20%. The development costs decreased by 30%, and 65% less prototypes had to be built for physical testing prior to series production.

about Open Source

With an Open Source Business Model the source code of software is made freely available.

Anyone is able to download it, redistribute it, view it, and alter it. Editing the source code, you can make the software behave in exactly the way you want it to.

And, joint development is strongly encouraged!

Open Source Business Models harness the collective wisdom, experiences, expertise and requirements of most demanding software users & developers to ensure that their needs are rapidly met. Gathering in the global Open Source Community those individuals and organizations are deeply interest in working together to support each other and improve the software. They use it, develop enhancements, perform customizations & deliver benchmarks. And, they provide support, training classes, installation, customization & enhancement services.

In contrary, with a ‘Closed Source’ Model – which until now has been the model used for the distribution of simulation software (just consider the business models of Nastran, Ansys, Abaqus & CAD Add-Ons) – source code is kept secret and is assumed to be private information. Users or 3rd-party developers are not given any chance at all to modify the software. And, they even get heavily locked-in to the vendors, giving them the power to increase the price of product upgrades or support without too great a risk of losing existing customers.