Providing Safety
Cargo Van

Crash Behaviour
Building CAE Models
Car Body

NVH Model
Improving Stiffness
Drilling/Sawing Compound

Deformation under Reference Load
Ensuring Durability

Stresses due to Wave Impact
Reducing Vibrations
Refrigerator Compressor

Bending Mode
Optimizing Acoustics
V12 Engine

Structure born Noise
Processing CAx Data
Tooling Machine

CAD Assembly
Improving Stiffness
Track Running Shoe

Deformation under Torsional Load
Ensuring Durability
Ship Propeller

Principal Stresses due to Operating Conditions
Reducing Vibrations
Sawing Machine

Torsional Mode
Analyzing nonlinear Dynamics
20-Tons Hyper-Compressor Crankshaft

Nonlinear Dynamics & transient Stresses
Generating CAM Models
Ski Boot

3D-Printing Model
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good Engineer an even
better one!"
Volkswagen AG

Focussing on structural mechanics, payerconsulting is a widely acknowledged engineering consultancy, developer of breakthrough AI solutions & tailored simulation tools, and strategic R&D partner of market leaders from different industrial areas.


eOSSP ... Open Source Simulation
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